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With friends and family in court to support him this morning, admitted counterfeiter Lendle Tucker received an indeterminate sentence of 3 to 6 years in state prison from Judge Robert Noonan.

The 28-year-old Tucker pleaded guilty to 2nd-degree Possession of a Forged Instrument back in April, as part of a plea deal. He was originally arrested in January following a raid on his home by the Local Drug Enforcement Task Force. Officers discovered nearly $1,000 dollars in counterfeit bills in his home, and it was readily apparent that Tucker was responsible for creating and disseminating the fake money in Genesee County.

Tucker has been convicted of a misdemeanor in Batavia before, for similar criminal behavior. He also has similar convictions from Erie County and from other states. He had been filling out a 1-year local jail sentence in Erie County until today. It is not known whether the prison term will serve to fill out his local term as well.

In Court, Public Defender Jerry Ader noted that his client understood what he'd done was wrong. But District Attorney Lawrence Friedman countered in asking for the maximum sentence, saying based on Tucker's history and his luck in getting a generous plea deal, he should not receive any further breaks.

Judge Robert Noonan didn't take long after to deliver his sentence. "You certainly have a terrible criminal record," Noonan said. "I think you should be counting your lucky stars for getting any plea reduction at all."

Tucker only took one glance at the gallery as he was escorted from the courtroom. It was time enough to see his wife doubled over in tears. She had to be helped from the courtroom by friends afterwards.

Jason Armstrong, age unavailable, received 1-year intermittent jail sentence from Judge Noonan this morning. Armstrong will serve his time on weekends.

He is a registered sex offender, following a conviction several years ago for Attempted Aggravated Sexual Assault. The crime in question today was two-fold: an Assault on a victim who apparently dated Armstrong's mother, then dated Armstrong's child's mother – and summarily threatened Armstrong's mother for some reason. Armstrong confronted the man, and eventually punched him in the face.

The other crime was Criminal Contempt, for apparently repeatedly breaking an order of protection against his former girlfriend. Both crimes were misdemeanors, pleaded down from felony charges.

These aren't Armstrong's only violent crimes. According to Assistant District Attorney Melissa Cianfrini, Armstrong has repeatedly been involved in violent crimes in his past, and served a lengthy prison sentence for similar actions, which he completed in 2008. Cianfrini alleged that Armstrong has complete disregard for the courts and for society's rules, in asking for the maximum sentence.

Armstrong's attorney, and Armstrong himself, did something out of the ordinary in not asking for the minimum. Apparently Armstrong felt probation would not be sufficient enough to punish him, so he asked for the intermittent jail sentence – better than a regular sentence, because Armstrong has a medical condition that requires constant hospital visits.

"I've been in the emergency room 17 times this month alone," said Armstrong.

"I'm at a good place in my life," he continued in a teary-eyed statement. "I love my mom, and I love my baby." He and his attorney expressed a desire for him to keep working, as that seems to keep him out of trouble.

Judge Robert Noonan said before his sentence that he remembered Armstrong. "I will never forget the crime I sentenced you for the first time around," said Noonan, presumably referring to the Attempted Aggravated Sexual Assault. "I was truly outraged by your criminal conduct in that case, and I will always remember that. And sometimes I may not remember what I did a few days ago or last week – so that means something."

Armstrong could have received up to 2 years in prison today. Judge Noonan said he was very lucky to avoid a felony conviction through his plea deal, which he called "a marked break." Noonan issued several long-term orders of protection for Armstrong's assault victim, ex-girlfriend, and child this morning.

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