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It was a safer 2010 in Genesee County. The Sheriff’s Department has released its annual report for 2010, and nearly every statistic is down from 2009 – which is good in the crime-fighting business.

Genesee County Sheriff's Deputies answered 21,334 calls for service in 2010. That's 4,119 less calls than were answered in 2009.

The highest volume month for calls was July at 2,160. The lowest volume month was December at 1,324.

Some crime-related highlights in the report:

  • Arrests were down by 71, from 692 to 621;
  • Motor-vehicle accidents were down by 30, from 1,390 to 1,360;
  • Vehicle & Traffic tickets administered were down by 1,001, from 4,842 to 3,841;
  • Total criminal reports were down by 34, from 1,714 to 1,680;
  • Combined DWI and DWAI arrests were down by 38, from 240 to 202

The DWI/DWAI statistic is always a favorite for Undersheriff Bill Sheron, who says it's "always interesting." The report breaks the stat down by age group, time of day, day of the week and gender.

Sheron noted that the highest percentage of DWI/DWAI arrests in 2010 came from the 21-29 age bracket: 84 arrests, or 41.6% of all DWI/DWAI arrests.

Other breakdowns of the DWI/DWAI statistic:

  • 140 of the arrested were male (69.3%); 62 were female (30.6%)
  • 145 arrests were made on Friday, Saturday or Sunday (71.8% of all arrests)
  • 127 arrests were made between the hours of 9:01pm and 3:00am (62.9% of all arrests)

Criminal investigations held relatively steady at 459 (down just one from 2009). Drug Task Force cases initiated were about the same, but arrests were down by 11. Listed as "notable" local resolved cases were the July meth raids in LeRoy and Batavia that netted five arrests, and the Scott Doll homicide trial.

Other interesting statistics in the 2010 report:

  • Sheriff’s Department vehicles traveled 767,827 miles in 2010 (63,986 miles a month)
  • 1,101 inmates were booked at the Genesee County Jail, and were served 70,761 meals
  • Of $1,116,822.49 in stolen proprties, deputies recovered $76,711.97
  • The Town of Bethany was the only municipality with increased calls for service: the total went up by 8, from 627 to 635

The full 2010 report will be available online at the Sheriff's Department website within the next few days.

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