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Overnight winds hit a peak gust of 35 miles per hour in Genesee County, although at times it seemed much higher.
Local authorities report no wind related issues overnight.
National Grid reports no widespread power failures.
The forecast calling for scattered showers today, breezy, with occasional 30 miles per hour gusts.

Notorious child molester Sean Vickers avoids a re-trial and accepts a plea deal.
Vickers was sentenced in 2014 to 107 years in prison on five sex abuse convictions.
Earlier this year an appeals court overturned four of those convictions and prosecutors were gearing up to retry the case.
But in court on Friday, Vickers accepted a plea deal for a sentence capped at 40 years, the same deal he was offered and rejected three years ago.

A Batavia shooter receives gets 15 years in prison.
27 year old Jeremey “Boog” Armstrong plead guilty to attempted murder and drug dealing.
He could have faced 37 years if convicted at trial.
District Attorney Lawrence Friedman said it was never revealed why Armstrong tried to kill another man in last December in Batavia.
Friedman explained that establishing a motive was not necessary to get a conviction.

Jeff Buell is giving away $50,000 of his own money by handing out 100-dollar-bills to complete strangers.  The upstate New York man walks the streets of Troy, choosing people at random and then handing them cash.  He says all that he asks for in return is that people be kind to others.

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