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Batavia City Councilwoman Rosemary Christian has been against the consolidation of the City and Town of Batavia since the idea was proposed two years ago. Now, she says she has the facts to back up her argument.

Christian and fellow city councilwoman Patti Pacino traveled to Albany last weekend for the New York Conference of Mayors' Winter Legislative Meeting. One of the topics of discussion was a consolidation attempt between the Town and the Village of Seneca Falls.

Christian says the consolidation there has been a nightmare – with lawsuits and legal fees skyrocketing.

"One of the areas is with the fire department: volunteer versus paid. And now the volunteers want to get paid," Christian says. "The other one was the (village) police department, and where their jurisdiction is going to stop. Are they going into the town?"

Christian says Seneca Falls was one of the only approved consolidations in New York State. Municipalities almost everywhere else have voted it down. Christian says those votes have been very lopsided, and she believes it would be the same way here - based on what she's heard about the town.

"So obviously they have to work everything out in our area," she says, "before they even consider putting this forth."

Christian says there’s a much better alternative.

"You can have shared services, without doing any of this," she says.

Christian says she’s even more against consolidation now, than before.

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